V Plane makes it easy to identify what a perfect stroke should feel like

Players notice Immediate improvements in posture, connection to the putter, forearm alignment and putter head stability. The feedback is instant and remains consistent for the user each time the training device is used to good effect.

Complete novice to elite professional golfers have reported significant improvements in their putting since using V Plane


The ultimate visual alignment tool for enhancing your chipping and greenside approach play. Using the wings attachment, you're able reference club face alignment perpendicular to the leading edge to highlight the club face position throughout the swing, explain the use of the bounce and set reference points to associate the visuals to feel of your chipping action.

With V Plane being compatible with the diameter of any club shaft it can be used at the top or bottom of the shaft with the option to rotate for additional feedback when the player may be adding loft to the wedge

An excellent tool used for self exploration or a coaches explanation for a student.


The "alignment stick drill" is known for helping players turn through the ball better, but it can be noisy and clattering task the 'old way'. V Plane changes that with a fixture point on the rear of the clip to stop this.

With the V Plane, you'll enjoy the satisfaction of knowing the club and stick won't separate when you put the club down in between shots. you'll longer be frustrated by the noises it makes