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V Plane Golf

V Plane - Short Game Training Aid

V Plane - Short Game Training Aid

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V Plane, A multi-functional short-game training aid, designed to help with your putting, chipping and pitching of the golf ball whilst maximising the use of alignment sticks.


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Putters, cellotape and alignment sticks, I spent hours wrapping attaching alignment sticks to my putter shaft, but the inconvenience of doing so and the numerous rolls of cellotape I had gone through to achieve this feeling, was enough reason for me to decide I wanted to create ‘something’ that would give me the ease of use and a putting stroke that felt like it was on stabilisers. 

Like anything in life guidance helps with greater understanding and gives you information you may not have been able to gather on your own. What myself and many others noticed was that using V PLANE for your putting could improve muscle memory, take away variables that could be affecting the consistency of your putting stroke and strike of each putt. 



Chipping, improving your club heads interaction with the ground and giving yourself as a player a chipping technique that offers you your largest margin for error, when striking the ball. By using V PLANE with the bright coloured wings attached to any one of your lofted clubs, you will be provided with the visual check points that many of the best players will reference when around the green.

What we like to see coming towards impact is the wings of the V PLANE travelling down the target line and for the wings of V PLANE to be level with the ground you are playing from at impact. The club head release should see the wings of V PLANE leaving the ground without the wings changing direction (TOO MUCH).

V PLANE that the wings of V PLANE are landing behind the ball level with the ground we are stood on whilst aiming at intended target “  

are landing behind the ball level with the ground we are stood and aiming at our intended target. As a player recording your sessions is a great way to improve results and become more aware of what your best shots look and feel like.

V PLANE was designed to keep things simple”


“The alignment stick drill” best known for helping players turn through the ball better. However good the drill was, it didn’t take away the noisy clattering sound it made when you’d impact the golf ball, so we had to change that!

With an opening at the back of the V PLANE clip, you’re able to slide your alignment stick through as much as you’d like, giving you an adjustable length drill stick that suits your height, with the added satisfaction of knowing the club and stick won’t separate when you put the club down.

Good rotation and compression through the ball are pivotal parts in quality ball control, a drill many of the best do not over look!


Customer Reviews

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About time…

I always wondered why there was never a device that helped understand putting and the stroke and the setup - not only did it change my game but also gave me a tool to pass on feel and knowledge to my pupils …. A clever yet simple innovative aid that is a must have for any avid coach or player no matter their level.

PGA Professional
Ex Tour player
Ex LET Caddie

Simplicity and Repetition.

I’ve tried all sorts of drills and aids to help my putting and short game but V-plane is easily the best.

As soon as you connect it and pop your drill sticks in it feels solid and instantly reminds you what a good putting position feels like. It reinforces good habits and is a great reminder tool before rounds and ideal for focussed and reinforcing practice. I love it.

Chipping and pitching is great too where i use the wings to show me the rotation i am getting and need.

Most aids you buy use a couple of times but this i use ALL the time.

Tracy Batter
Great innovative product

I bought the VPlane as a gift for my husband. The service i received was 5 star and the item arrived very quickly. My husband is very impressed with the product and although he has only had a little try with it he said he can see how it will help improve his short game with practice. Thank you

Short game MUST HAVE

Such a great tool for working on your short game. Easy to use and set up, allows you to stay on plane and putt without using your wrists. It teaches you to putt like a pro!

Home Home
Just WOW

Amazing - couldn’t ask for more such an amazing product

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    V Plane will ship from May 2023.

    UK Shipping - “Pre orders inc free shipping”

    Europe Shipping - £14.99
    2 to 11 business days.

    International Shipping - £23.99
    2 to 17 business days.

  • V Plane Bundle

    V Plane bundle includes 2 Masters Drill Stix.