V Plane Tutorials

How To Set Up For Putting

Finding the true arc of your putting stroke has never been easier.

Use V Plane to remove any unnecessary movement from the wrists to stabilise the putter head and find a consistent putting stroke that produces results!

A training tool for any golfer that can be used daily, at home or at the golf course to reinforce muscle memory, and improve posture and technique. And when things go bad?

Use V Plane as your reference point, to start putting better again! A training tool that doesn’t change what it offers you based on the weather outside


How To Set Up For Pitching

The alignment stick drill, one that continues to serve golfers from Mac O’Grady’s days to the modern-day Tommy Fleetwood era this drill continues to deliver golfers quality feedback that cannot be forgotten.

Awareness of the way the club is travelling towards the ball.

Feedback in the form of a whip on the side of the body if the hands are prone to early extension.

Understanding from a visual perspective how the club is travelling.

With V Plane we have taken an inconvenient drill and turned it into an absolute pleasure to use by removing the rattle and now being able to hold the club at the top of the grip whereby other training aids do not offer this comfort.


How To Set Up For Chipping

Using the bounce of the wedge is an important part of a player's success around the green.

With changing lies, different turfs and undulations on the ground we are standing on it's very important as a golfer to know how the club is interacting with the ground and how it’s travelling towards the ball.

Using the wings of the V plane this visual guidance has never been easier to access and utilise for training purposes.